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May 10 , 2022

Dubai Real Estate Market - Q1 2022

With a remarkable number of real estate transactions, Q1 of 2022 comes to a successful close. According to Mo'asher's Official Sales Price Index, here is the quarter in numbers: 

  • 20,539 sales took place valued at AED 55.51 billion
  • 11,923 were secondary market sales and 8,616 were off-plan
  • 82.7% were apartments and 17.3% were villas/townhouses

The top areas for sales took place in: 

  1. Business Bay 
  2. Marsa Dubai
  3. Al Hebiah Fifth
  4. Al Barsha South
  5. Burj Khalifa district

Overall, there was a 14.76 increase in sales volume from Q4 of 2021 till now, which is significant quarter-on-quarter growth. With favorable government policies, low interest rates and overall security in the region, we look forward to seeing how the next quarter unfolds. To get further information on properties and property trends, get in touch at [email protected]

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